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Designing for the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

Designing mobile content for the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook offers many new opportunities to engage audiences in exciting new ways. At the time of this writing, BlackBerry smartphones hold 17.5 percent of the global smartphone market share—so your target audience could be quite large. By leveraging its simple navigational model, you can easily create business and productivity applications. You can also choose to extend the core components and design a rich, immerse experience from the ground up.

In this article, I describe some fundamental design strategies and highlight some interesting user interactions that are exclusive to the BlackBerry PlayBook. I also cover some important design choices to consider when creating content for the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Designing apps for tablet devices can seem like a brand-new frontier but the design fundamentals are the same for any project. Understand your target audience and consider how users will access the information, and then design your content accordingly. The BlackBerry PlayBook is an exciting new device. Explore ways to expose a new audience to unique content, while making the experience intuitive at the same time.

Consider the design tips described in this article when developing your own projects. Also review the UI Guidelines for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet provided by RIM. After planning and designing the layout of your content, you can use applications such as Flash Builder or Flash Professional and the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR to build your app.

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