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How to Leverage Mobile for Customer Engagement: Part 1: Check-Ins

So you’ve got a business, a successful business, but you are always looking for ways to stand out amongst your competitors. Traditionally, your marketing department runs the standard stuff (TV ads, mails out coupons, limited time sales, seasonal promotions, etc.) but you’re hearing all about mobile these days and wondering if and how mobile can help your business. Maybe your marketing team has a ‘mobile website’ (which someone defined as a site that can be viewed on an iPhone — which pretty much all sites can) but hasn’t really seen and effect from it, maybe you even have an app that lets your customers find your closest store or you have a Twitter account with a few thousand followers. Your marketing team thinks they are getting on the mobile bandwagon but does anyone there really understand WHY you should be on the mobile bandwagon and HOW to use mobile to enhance your business? Or are they just checking off buzz-words because everyone else is and thinking they are adding value.

It’s not easy to determine how different mobile and social services can fit into your business and how that can maybe even revolutionize how you communicate with customers but there are a few things you can look at to help decide what aspects of this new world you need to move on — before your competition does.

Ultimately, the over arching goal of your businesses interaction with your customers is called Customer Engagement (or at least that’s the term I’ll use here for that context). It starts before a customer has heard of your business and it never ends. That’s right, there is never a time where you give up on a customer and don’t think about how they are engaged with your business. Even if your product is selling shingles with a 25 year warranty, you want to keep finding ways for customers to be positively engaged — even if sporadically — to encourage positive word-of-mouth and referrals. The more frequently you are selling your product to someone, the more important continuous engagement is as you are trying for repeat sale after repeat sale and keeping the revenue flowing to the customer long-term.

There are a lot of mobile technologies that can make a big difference in engaging your customers. I will start by tackling different buzz words or technologies, look at what they are (briefly), how they can be leveraged and what cases they may be good or bad for. After all that I’ll talk about tying some of them together in a more cohesive mobile plan which is orders of magnitude more impactful than each on their own.

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