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Mobile App Development: 10 Tips for Small Business Owners

Apps can be traps. Or specifically, time and money pits. Yet in the increasingly app-friendly world where smartphones and web-enabled devices are essential, many businesses can reap bountiful revenues, reach new markets and garner awareness by hopping on the mobile bandwagon.

That said, a business owner shouldn’t produce any old app, nor can you just throw an app online and hope it will be found. You need to have a plan for development, and a plan for marketing. And once somebody downloads your app, it must provide value — otherwise, you can almost guarantee negative comments and feedback. In short, app development is not for the faint of heart.

To help you maximize your mobile potential, I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs what to expect during the app development process, what features are best for your business, and the pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Deals and Directions
  2. Create Special Promotions
  3. Forget About It
  4. Does It Solve A Problem?
  5. Mobile Payments Are The Next Big Thing
  6. Social Media-Friendly Apps
  7. Give Them Magical Powers
  8. Make It Share Worthy
  9. Focus On Your Audience’s Needs
  10. Prepare For The Worst

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