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Mobile Marketing is Coming on Fast

If you’re marketing a brand or product on mobile, you’re not alone. Unica’s 2011 Survey of Marketers shows that 43% of marketers are currently using mobile as part of their marketing strategy — with 41% planning on doing so soon. But what’s more interesting is that only around half of those mobile marketing activities are integrated into larger, general marketing campaigns. Mobile is more important than that and there’s still opportunities to stand out from the crowd by effectively leveraging mobile as part of your marketing campaign — even if that really means building a mobile product to go along with it.

Mobile Marketing means different things to different people, but it covers a lot of territory. From mobile websites, to apps to SMS or email campaigns, there are lots of ways to leverage mobile in an overall marketing strategy. Unica’s survey results show that mobile apps are, currently, the most popular way to leverage mobile in a marketing campaign, but not by a lot (mobile websites are a close second).

Source: Unica's Annual Survey of Marketers 2011 (

For each of these activities, it’s not simply about creating a mobile campaign, the most effective use of mobile ties into non-mobile marketing activities as well. As the chart shows below, mobile marketing efforts are largely siloed and driven independently from overall marketing efforts.

Source: Unica's Annual Survey of Marketers 2011 (

Over time, this will change but you should get out ahead of the curve now. Don’t wait for the industry to catch up to you, move forward and find a partner that can help you effectively use mobile in your marketing or promotional campaigns and leverage the benefits of mobile to grow your business.

More insights from Unica can be found in their annual report: Unica’s Annual Survey of Marketers 2011


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