Delivery Partners

bitHeads is partnered with XebiaLabs to support a full service implementation of Xebia Lab’s Deployit, the leading Application Release Automation solution. Deployit allows companies to accelerate application delivery, reduce errors and cost. bitHeads provides the necessary professional services to integrate the Deployit solution within complex environments, hastening time to launch, and maximizing the value of Release Automation.

If you’d like to achieve:

  • Accelerated application delivery
  • 80% Faster Deployment Times
  • Lower application release costs
  • Management of evolving regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Enterprise Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and private cloud initiatives


Application Release Automation For Enterprise-Scale Development

Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have become the largest European airline group: one group, two airlines, and three businesses.

KLM were working on 35 different projects simultaneously, with a total of 200 Java EE application deployments, per week. They were facing problems and errors in over 70% of the software deployments.

We clearly needed a more powerful system to help us reduce repetitive work and boost productivity”, Ronald Bosch, Air France/KLM

Air France/KLM implemented Deployit, by Xebia Labs and experienced the following immediate results:

  • OPEX savings of $1million, per annum
  • 3 x shorter, Time to Market
  • Less reliant on middleware experts
  • Deployments can be repeated easily in other environments
  • Ability to efficiently support 200 java deployments, in a week, in a “self service” model


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