With more than 500 satisfied customers covering broad range of software solutions,
we have acquired significant domain expertise in a number of areas, including:


What does your Enterprise Infrastructure look like? How has mobile, big data, greater virtualization and the rise of cloud computing affected your infrastructure needs and strategies? Are you considering moving your applications to private or hybrid clouds? Is your development environment following? Let us help keep your systems secure, scalable, available, and build the next generation solutions you need to keep pace.

Any Device

No matter the platform, our team has extensive experience developing secure, scalable applications for enterprise and consumer uses. Whether you create popular games, banking apps, or need to connect your salesforce reps to the data they need to close deals in real-time, we can partner with you to make it happen.


Users no longer want to use their apps in isolation. Instead, they’re switching between devices, sharing data through connected web services, and communicating not just with other users, but with devices, legacy systems and complex infrastructure. bitHeads has the knowledge and experience to help with all your interconnectivity needs.

Internet of Things

In the era of the industrial internet, application development is no longer limited to user-level interactions. Instead, we’re connecting applications to devices, appliances and sensors and harnessing the data to automate everyday tasks and improve users' daily lives.


Our experience in developing award-winning games for multi-player platforms such as iPhone, Android, XBox and PlayStation, can be applied to new game development as well as delivering rewards-based interactions and opportunities for engagement in consumer applications.